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Addiction Interventions Index

Explore how, and in what way, behavior impacts intervention strategies in AI/AN communities. ​​

Behavioral Health Index

Discover pathways to behavioral health professions. Investigate telehealth implications.
Learn about mental health and mental illness. ​​

Career Building Index

Learn the basics needed to locate, apply, and interview for a job. Discover networking tools.
Explore one pathway to a PhD. 

Environmental Health Index

Search videos that explore specific environmental concerns and considerations within Tribal communities.

Health Disparities Index

Coming soon!

Historical Trauma Index

​Explore the meaning of historical trauma and the impact it has on Tribal members and communities today. ​

Indigenous Mathematics Index

​Find out the history of Native math and science. Learn about computation and bioinformatics. ​

Infectious Diseases Index

​Learn about communicable diseases and their impact in AI/AN communities, as well as strategic plans to move forward. ​

Infectious Diseases: COVID-19 Index

Explore how COVID-19 is impacting Tribal Nations. How can students be supported during this unprecedent time? ​

Infrastructure and Policy Index

​Learn about the more nuanced ways to reach into Tribal communities to support and expand policy building, research ethics, and research capacity. ​

Public Health Index

​Find out what public health is. Learns ways you can embark on a research trajectory to support public health and create change in your community.​

Research - Main Index

​Investigate strategies used in research by Native researchers in conjunction with a Native methodology for research in a Native community.  These strategies or tools contribute to the process of finding answers to questions that Native communities choose to explore.  

Research - Research Methods Index

​Explore Native driven research in Tribal communities.  ​

Researcher Profiles Index

​Learn about some of the people who traveled the path you hope to go. Learn what it took for these individuals to find success in their careers. ​

Reserach - Nursing Research Index

​Learn about the importance of health and health promotion over the course of an individual lifespan, within families, and throughout a community.   

Reserach - Clinical Research Index

​Understand how safety and efficacy play into the importance of research in improving our knowledge of diseases and developing new treatments.  

Reserach - Research in Indian Country Index

​Learn about research for Native people by Native people. ​

Reserach - Research Methods Index

​Explore Native driven research in Tribal communities.  ​

Reserach - Research Skills Index

​Learn how to search, locate, extract, evaluate, and market research information. ​

Student Development & Success Index

​Where are you going and how do you hope to get there? Find insight on what it takes to be a successful as a student.  ​

Traditional Medicine Index

​Discover how traditional health practices, approaches, and knowledge support Western medicine and research.

Traditional Stories Index

​Discover or rediscover the importance of a story told and re-told over time to communicate knowledge and lessons across generations.  ​