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Explore how, and in what way, behavior impacts intervention strategies in AI/AN communities. ​
Library Link: Addiction Intervention Library Page
​Discover pathways to behavioral health professions. Investigate telehealth implications. Learn ab​out mental health and mental illness. ​
Library Link: Behavioral Health Library Page
Learn the basics​​ needed to locate, apply, and interview for a job. Discover networking tools. Explore one pathway to a PhD. ​​​​

Library Link: Career Building Library Page
Se​​arch videos that explore specific environmental concerns and considerations within Tribal communities.  ​

Library Link: Environmental Health Library Page
Coming Soon!​​

Library Link: Health Disparities Library Page
​Explore the meaning of historical trauma and the impact it has on Tribal members and communities today. ​​​
Library Link: Historical Trauma Library Page
​Find out the history of Native math and science. Learn about computation and bioinformatics​​​
Library Link: Indigenous Mathematics Library Page
Learn about communicable diseases and their impact in AI/AN communities, as well as strategic plans to move forward. ​​

Library Link: Infectious Diseases Library Page
Explore how COVID-19 is impacting Tribal Nations. How can students be supported during this ​​​unprecedent time? ​

Library Link: Infectious Diseases (COVID-19) Library Page
Learn about the more nuanced ways to reach into Tribal communities to support and expand policy building, research ethics, and research capacity. ​​​​

Library Link: Infrastructure and Policy Library Page
​Find out what public health is. Learns ways you can embark on a research trajectory to support public health and create change in your community.​​
Library Link: Public Health Library Page
​Learn about some of the people who traveled the path you hope to go. Learn what it took for these individuals to find success in their careers. ​​
Library Link: Researcher Profiles Library Page
Research Methods7
Explore Native driven research in Tribal communities.  ​​​

Library Link: Research Libraries Page
Clinical Research2
Understand how safety and efficacy play into the importance of research in improving our knowledge of diseases and developing new treatments. ​​​

Library Link: Research Libraries Page
Nursing Research2
Learn about the importance of health and health promotion over the course of an individual lifesp​​an, within families, and throughout a community. ​

Library Link: Research Libraries Page
​Learn how to search, locate, extract, evaluate, and market research information. ​​​
Library Link: Research Libraries Page
In Indian Country2
​Learn about research for Native people by Native people. ​​​
Library Link: Research Libraries Page
​Where are you going and how do you hope to get there? Find insight on what it takes to be a successful as a student.  ​​
Library Link: Student Development Library Page
​Discover or rediscover the importance of a story told and re-told over time to communicate knowledge and lessons across generations.  ​​
Library Link: Traditional Stories Library Page
Discover how traditional health practices, approaches, and knowledge support Western medicine and research.   ​​​​​

Library Link: Traditional Medicine Library Page
Supplemental Video Info
Aligning Science with practice: Maya behavioral health and the Familia Adelante program 
Speaker: Dr. Athena Ramos  

Description: Students will learn how a family strengthening program was adapted to be culturally tailored for the Indigenous Maya community, incorporating concepts of cultural pride. 

Total Video Time: 37 min 20 sec 
6/27/2021Ramos 2b. Aligning science with practice - Maya behavioral health and Familia AdelanteCurrent average rating is 2 stars.
Contact Tracing for COVID-19  
Speaker: Dr. Ali Khan  

Description: Students will review the history of contact tracing, the epidemiology of COVID-19, issues with contact tracing with COVID-19, and learn about the approach that Nebraska is taking with contact tracing.  

Total Video Time: 29 min 58 seconds  
6/27/2021JITT Contact TracingItem is currently unrated.
Environmental issues of Coal and Economic Development for the Northern Cheyenne and Other Tribal Nations 
Corey Welch, PhD, Northern Cheyenne, is currently director of the STEM Scholars Program at Iowa State University and also currently serves on the SACNAS Board of Directors. Dr. Welch is committed to assisting students interested in STEM. He has his doctorate in biology and has conducted research and taught courses on environmental issues.
6/27/2021Environmental issues of Coal and Economic Development for the Northern CheyenneItem is currently unrated.
Fostering Public Health and Creating Change Through Research   
Speaker: Dr. Athena Ramos 

Description: Students will learn about challenges faced when mobilizing a public health team to collect data during COVID-19 to keep meatpacking workers and communities safe. 

Total Video Time: 36 min 21 sec 
6/27/2021Ramos 1a. Fostering public health and creating change through research - COVID-19 and an example from the meatpacking industryItem is currently unrated.
Health Disparities: Public Health's Call to Action  
Speaker: Dr. Athena Ramos  

Description: What are health disparities and how these affect public health research. 

Total Video Time: 35 min 29 sec  
6/27/2021Ramos 3c. Health disparities & public healthItem is currently unrated.
History of Native Math and Science 
5/5/2021Module 1 - History of Native Math and ScienceCurrent average rating is 3 stars.
Impact of Unresolved Trauma in Indian Health and Higher Education 
Donald Warne, MD, MPH, a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe in Pine Ridge, SD, is director of Indians into Medicine; associate dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and professor in the Department of Family & Community Medicine at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine & Health Sciences. 
6/27/2021Impact of Unresolved Trauma in Indian Health and Higher EducationSeminar PaperItem is currently unrated.
Insights into Graduate School and the Brain-Specific Scaffold Protein Sh2B1 and Its Rare-Obesity –Associated Variants  
Dr. Ray Joe, Navajo, completed his Bachelor of Science degree in biology from the University of New Mexico. He obtained a PhD in cellular and molecular biology from the University of Michigan and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan where he continues to research the mechanisms of the obesity-associated adaptor protein SH2B1 in neurons responsible for feeding behavior. As a scientist, he hopes to bring scientific concepts and cultural awareness together on the Navajo reservation to enhance the health and prosperity of his tribe and community.
5/5/2021Insights into Graduate School and the Brain-Specific Scaffold Protein Sh2B1Item is currently unrated.
Pathway to the PhD: From Academics to Health Research to Professional Career  
Dr. Anitra Warrior is Ponca and a licensed psychologist. She attended Little Priest Community College in Nebraska and after graduation attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she received her BA in psychology and MA and PhD in counseling psychology. She is very connected to her culture and tribal community and strives to create a system of care that promotes holistic healing.
5/5/2021Pathway to the PhD - From Academics to Health Research to Professional Career(1)Item is currently unrated.
Sacred Wisdom: A Psychosocial Approach to Research in the Health Sciences  
Tommy K. Begay, PhD, a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine, University of Arizona, shares neurophysiological impact of adverse childhood experiences and the body's potential for wellness, healing and resilience, utilizing Sacred Wisdom and psychosocial health.
6/27/2021Sacred Wisdom - A Psychosocial Approach to Research in the Health SciencesItem is currently unrated.