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Forge the Future Student Application

Privacy Act Statement

Authority:  10 U.S.C. Sections 2192

Principal Purpose:  To gather applicant information as part of the program selection process for evaluationand selection of applicants.

Routine Use:  Application Review

Disclosure:  Voluntary

The Forge the Future program is executed under the authority of Section 2192 of Title 10, United States Code.  Information requested on application forms is solicited under this authority.  Information provided on an application may be disclosed as part of the program selection process for evaluation and selection of applicants. Aggregated data based on application materials may be used in management reports to evaluate the direction and progress of the program as a whole and for reporting within the Department of Defense and Federal Government.  Attribution of specific data to individual applicants will be avoided, whenever possible.

Submission of the information requested on the application is voluntary.  Applicants will be considered for selection to the program without regard to race, color, religion, nation origin, gender, or age.


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